About Us

Rod & Olga

Rodney & Olga Fitts are owners of Rod’s Property Management. Rod & Olga have a diverse background; Rod was raised on a small farm in the panhandle of Nebraska; whereas, Olga grew up ½ way around the world in Kazakhstan where her father was a railway engineer and her mother was a medical doctor. Rod graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he majored in Marketing & Accounting. Olga, graduated from Kazakh High Academy of Management with a Master’s Degree in Economics. Rod spent fifteen years in the agricultural industry, where he held various management positions and he led several special projects involving mergers and acquisitions. Most recently Olga was the General Manager of a company based in Kaliningrad Russia that marketed motorcycles and accessories throughout Europe and Asia. Rod and Olga have seven children and enjoy their faith, family, and traveling. In 1998 Rod’s Property Management began in Sioux Falls, the company has grown steadily with one core philosophy: Our residents are the customers and without the residents, our company would not have any reason to exist. A simple philosophy that reminds us to keep the “People First." That is why current and former residents refer over 50% of our new occupants each year. We encourage you to check us out and see what our current residents already know. We have great places to live!